Available 24 hours, 7 days a week
Available 24 hours, 7 days a week
Available 24 hours, 7 days a week

24 hour Sydney plumber

Plumbing problems? Chilli will fix it.

Chilli Hot Water and Plumbing are emergency plumbers servicing Sydney and surrounds, including Northern Beaches, North Shore, Hills District, Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, South West and Western Sydney.

Chilli for your taps

Is there anything more irritating than a dripping tap, especially when you’re trying to sleep? Not only does the sound drive you nuts, but you know you’re wasting our planets most valuable resource…water.

We fix taps for families every day of the week. We fix:

  • dripping taps
  • leaking taps
  • seized taps
  • noisy taps.

If your taps are driving you mad, give them some Chilli.

Chilli for your toilets

Ugh. You come home from work and find your toilet is leaking. It’s the last thing you need.

You just want it fixed, now.

Because toilets have so many moving parts, there’s a lot that can go wrong and they can be easily misdiagnosed. Here are some common symptoms of a leaking toilet:

  • water constantly running into the bowl.
  • cisterns not filling fast enough, or noisy when filling
  • toilets not flushing correctly
  • water dripping onto the floor from the cistern, or when flushed
  • water leaking from under the toilet.

If you want your toilet fixed in no time, give your toilet some Chilli

Chilli for your gas

Chilli technicians are licensed natural and LPG Gas Fitters.

So, regardless of whether your gas is towns or bottled, we can and ensure your installation is safe and complies with all Australia standards.

Get your gas connected with Chilli.

Chilli for your burst pipes and leaks

When it comes to plumbing dramas, nothing is quite so dramatic as a burst pipe. It can cause incredible and costly damage to your property.

And in our 20+ years’ experience, we’ve seen it all, from totally collapsed ceilings, right through to scenarios where carpets and floor boards had to be totally replaced. We’ve even seen instances where appliances and furniture was so badly damaged, it all had to be thrown out.

24 hour emergency service

If the worst happens and your pipes burst, we can be straight there, any time of day or night.  You can guarantee you’ll be getting our full attention.

Leaking pipes

We are experts in leak detection, to avoid this level of damage.

Larger water leaks are normally quite easy to diagnose, as there is often quite a lot of water, however for the times when pipe damage is more gradual, you need expert diagnosis.

If your pipes are leaking, give us a call and we’ll come ASAP.

Chilli for hot water safety

The water that comes out of your hot water heater is typically around 60 degrees celsius, which is extremely hot. You need to protect your family from hot water scalds.

We give you back the control of the temperature of your hot water. You choose what temperature you want it, and where.

We’re fully certified to service and install ‘thermostatic mixing valves’ and ‘tempering valves’.

These keep you and your family safe from accidental scolding, while at the same time giving you access to hot water in places that you really need it, like kitchens and laundries.

Control your hot water with Chilli.


We only use licenced plumbers, so you know that every Chilli plumber who turns up will do the job perfectly.


You get a lifetime warranty on all workmanship. We guarantee that all work complies with AS / NZS 3500.

Why Us?

Great guy very professional, reliable and he did a great job. We are extremely happy with the quality of work and we will definitely use him again for future jobs. He even got rid of our old hot water tank. Thank you Gerard.

— Kevin, Chester Hill, NSW

Quick response - knew what he was doing - fast and clean - wow - what a terrific service.  

— Denise, Neutral Bay, NSW

He was very good and came on time, my hot water wasn't working at my unit. He was able to fix it the same day. We will highly recommend. 

— Anu, Bankstown NSW

Extremely polite , professional and well organised. Able to both quote and commence work at short notice. Very knowledgeable and would only be too pleased to recommend. Happy to help us out in a crisis.

— Edward, Leichhardt NSW